When a slew of silver thefts hit the small town of Gipping-on-Plym, it's up to aspiring investigative journalist Vicky Hill to figure out if the culprits are gypsies, tramps, or thieves…

Unaware that their temporary dwelling is also serving as the official gathering site for the upcoming annual "Morris Dance-a-thon," the gypsies set up their illegal campground at The Grange, much to the dismay of almost everyone in town. And when silver is stolen shortly after the gypsies arrive, blaming the despised nomads makes more than a little sense.

But when the body of an unnamed woman is found in a shallow stream, Vicky suspects there's a connection between the murder and the recent silver thefts. And since both her boss and the local police refuse to investigate, Vicky takes on the case by herself. It's a criminal conundrum suited only for the mind of Vicky Hill, and she's determined to uncover the answers and clinch her fourth national exclusive!


"Author Hannah Dennison's Vicky Hill Exclusive Mystery series is just delightful. This is a fun and adventurous story that readers will thoroughly enjoy. Incorporating the tongue-in-cheek British humor with a shivering good mystery, Dennison delivers a novel that both Monty Python and Miss Marple would approve of. It isn't everyday that you find a book filled with Morris Dancers, so when you do, you'd better grab it - it's a keeper!" - Fresh Fiction

"Thieves! is a fast paced story full of finger pointing, half told truths, old love and self examination. Each venue is something new to explore and hanging around with Vicky Hill for a bit is like a breath of fresh air. Thieves! will make you think, second guess, and then pat yourself on the back when you realize you are on the right track. An enjoyable read." - The Romance Readers Connection

BOOK 3: Exposé!


It's snail racing season in the small town of Gipping-on-Plym. And obituary writer Vicky Hill is racing, too - to solve a mysterious death.

When an early-morning call wakes Vicky from the arms of her dream man, reality had better be worth it - and it is. An anonymous tipster tells her about the secret funeral of local celebrity Scarlett Fleming - coordinated by her husband, Doug. The entire town is baffled by the sudden death and oddly discreet funeral. After all, Scarlett was never one to stay in her shell.

Vicky's suspicions heighten when she learns of the Flemings' shaky finances - and that Doug has almost as many admirers as Scarlett had enemies. While canvassing suspects and juggling three suitors, Vicky must stay one step ahead of a killer once she realizes she's no longer writing an obituary - she's writing an expose!


"Dennison provides plenty of laughs in this third installment in the series-and a tricky plot, too. Miss Marple might not recognize Gipping-on-Plym, but it's guaranteed to make you smile." - Richmond - Times Dispatch

"Her heroine is charmingly gullible and gets herself into a lot of tight spots. The plot is very Agatha Christie-like and Vicky hill is delightful and very amusing. Don't miss this cozy English mystery, you'll love it." - Once Upon a Romance Reviews

BOOK 2: Scoop!


Obit writer Vicky Hill suspects foul play when she learns of a suspicious death: a champion hedge cutter, electrocuted after accidentally slicing through a power cable. Yeah, right. To get the real story Vicky's willing to suffer through bad dates and mortal danger.

The book is available now, and will be released in Kindle version as well.


"Vicky's story is a cozy mystery with a dash of Bridget Jones-type humor thrown in. Fans who enjoy a mystery yarn without the violence should check this one out." -

BOOK 1: A Vicky Hill Exclusive!


Aspiring investigative journalist Vicky Hill faces two challenges. The first is to escape the stultifying boredom of funeral reporting for the Gipping Gazette by making a career-enhancing front-page splash. The second is to lose her virginity-a heavy burden for a woman of twenty-three.

Vicky's chance for a scoop comes with the discovery of three grisly chicken corpses, which are bizarrely connected to the unusual death of elderly Sir Hugh, the local hedge-jumping enthusiast. As Vicky delves deeper into village affairs, she is thrilled to find the sleepy English market town harbors more than its fair share of secrets.

Yet Vicky has a secret of her own. As only daughter of The Fog-a notorious criminal, currently on the run in Spain-enlisting the help of the police is never an option. If that wasn't enough, rival reporter, the voluptuous Annabel Lake, thinks nothing of using sexual wiles to gain vital information and thwarts Vicky's efforts at every turn.

With hooded figures meeting at midnight, a stash of stolen silver and a rising body count, Vicky discovers she has opened Gipping's Pandora's box.

Casting safety aside and with only her pluck, wit and determination to fall back on, Vicky must decide just how far she is prepared to go to clinch the story of a lifetime.


"A Vicky Hill Exclusive! is a smashing debut! Yes, Vicky is more Lucy Ricardo than Christine Amanpour, but CNN's loss is Gipping-on-Plym's gain - and ours. Hannah Dennison writes a delightfully clever mystery with wit and warmth to spare. May the dead bodies abound." - Harley Jane Kozak, Agatha, Anthony and Macavity - award winning author of DEAD EX, DATING DEAD MEN, DATING IS MURDER

"A dizzy romp with an endearingly gullible investigator and a plot twist on every page. Guaranteed to brighten everyone's day." - Ann Purser, author of SECRETS ON SATURDAY

"Hannah Dennison rings up a laugh a page in A Vicky Hill Exclusive!, a racy romp and hilarious debut." - Carolyn Hart, author of SET SAIL FOR MURDER

"Vicky Hill is a delightful heroine who would be right at home in a Jane Austen novel. When author Hannah Dennison plunges her into an Agatha Christie-like plot, she gives readers the best of both worlds." - Linda Palmer, author of KISS OF DEATH

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