Worm Charming

Goal To skillfully “charm” or raise as many worms as possible from your allocated three-yard-square plot within thirty minutes.   Current World Record Holder CHECK Tom Shufflebotham FROM WHERE? raised 511 worms from a three yards square plot and set the first worm charming world record in 1980. The record remained unbroken until 2009 when Miss S. and Mr. M. charmed an …

Hannah DennisonWorm Charming

Western Morning News

Hello! Just wanted to post a recent piece by the Western Morning News in the UK regarding the release of my upcoming book Accused! in the Vicky Hill series and Deadly Desires at Honeychurch Hall in November. [Excerpt from the Western Morning News article] Novels are labours of love for Hannah Posted: January 26, 2015   |   By Mike Bramhall …

Hannah DennisonWestern Morning News

The Tiny Hamlet of Honeychurch

Many of my readers have asked me if Honeychurch actually exists. Although Honeychurch Hall is based on two grand old houses in Devon—Dundridge in the South Hams and Hillersdon House near Cullompton—the hamlet of Honeychurch does—indeed—exist. It’s actually north of Dartmoor and covers just 607 acres. Honeychurch is best known for St. Mary’s Church. The derivation of the name “Honeychurch” …

Hannah DennisonThe Tiny Hamlet of Honeychurch

Mystery Author Hannah Dennison on English Country Houses

Hannah Dennison, author of Murder at Honeychurch Hall, chats about English country estates such as Downton Abbey, and how their fate is changing in today’s world. Honeychurch Hall is a fictional English country house and the setting of Dennison’s new murder mystery series.

Hannah DennisonMystery Author Hannah Dennison on English Country Houses

An Interview with Tim Sercombe: Morris Dancer

The “Morris” is a form of English folk dancing dating back to the early 1600s. The dances have been passed down from generation to generation and are based on choreographed, rhythmic dance steps performed by a troupe of dancers known as “sides.” The dancers use sticks, swords, handkerchiefs and bells as props and are accompanied by musical instruments such as …

Hannah DennisonAn Interview with Tim Sercombe: Morris Dancer

Making Devon Cider the Traditional Way

Photos by John Vickery, Secretary Blackdown Hills Hedge Association. 1. Start with an empty oak trough, plastic bucket and wooden barrel. 2. Use barley straw to line the trough. The wicks allow the juice to flow. 3. Build straw tower, filling the interior with pulverized cider apples. 4. Trim wicks. Must be airtight. 5. Use cider press to slowly crush …

Hannah DennisonMaking Devon Cider the Traditional Way