Thanks for stopping by my website, home to the Honeychurch Hall and Vicky Hill Mysteries … and soon to be The Scilly Sisters Mysteries. I’m very excited about this new series. It’s set on a small fictional island in the Isles of Scilly and chronicles the adventures of two sisters in their late thirties who inherit a crumbling Art Deco hotel. Watch this space (as they say) for updates and excerpts.

Meanwhile …

My Hungarian Vizslas—Draco and Athena—are loving every minute of their new home. With endless fields, woods, rivers and miles of green lanes to explore, how could they not?

As for me, I’m so happy to be back in England. I feel lucky to have landed in such a beautiful part of Devon known as the South Hams. Since Honeychurch and Vicky Hill are set right here it’s wonderful to experience village life first hand. I swear I rarely need to make anything up. The saying that Truth is Stranger Than Fiction certainly holds true in the West Country.

Book News:

Dangerous Deception at Honeychurch Hall was published in the UK last November and will be out in the USA on April 16th 2019. And yes, I will still be traveling around the USA doing the odd book event and will make sure I post the event dates on my website.

For those familiar with the series, you’ll see that the UK cover is very different from the USA. It’s the same story however! Here is a little bit about Dangerous Deception:

In this fifth Honeychurch Hall mystery, antique dealer, Kat Stanford is dating Lady Lavinia Honeychurch’s eccentric brother Piers Carew who runs a neighbouring country estate in rural Devon. Unfortunately, Kat has a rival professionally and romantically—Piers’s ex-girlfriend, the impossibly beautiful, Cassandra Bowden-Forbes who is in town conducting valuations at the same antique fair as our heroine. Cassandra is also spearheading an anti-fly tipping campaign for Piers’s father Aubrey—a staunch environmental activist and hard-line local magistrate. 

When a decorated war veteran publicly accuses Kat of “granny farming,” i.e. deliberately under-valuing a trio of rare mascot bears that Kat knows to be copies, Kat becomes suspicious. In addition, several dustbin liners of embarrassing personal items appearing to belong to her, are discovered ensuring an almost certain fine. Kat is convinced that Cassandra is involved.   

Things go from bad to worse when witnesses place Kat at the scene of two deadly—but seemingly unconnected—accidents.  The first being Aubrey’s fatal fall from his horse, and, the second, discovering the war veteran’s body at his home.  

However, Cassandra has cast-iron alibis and besides Piers is adamant that she is innocent. Suspicion shifts to the new housekeeper who has secrets of her own as well as a mysterious stranger who has been seen stalking the grounds.

In a chilling climax that finds Kat and her mother Iris facing almost certain death, Kat makes the terrifying discovery that Cassandra will do anything—including murder—to become Piers’s wife.

New to Honeychurch Hall? The Honeychurch Hall Mysteries features former celebrity antique dealer Kat Stanford, and her romance writer mother, Iris. Set on a crumbling English country house estate, the books aren’t just about solving the mysteries. I wanted to highlight the fading glory of these grand old houses and the struggles to keep them afloat. The series also explores the intricacies of mother-daughter relationships

The Vicky Hill Mysteries star a young reporter who escaped to a sleepy English market town when her parents went on the run for armed robbery. Stuck writing the obituary column, Vicky Hill craves adventure and is determined to snag a front-page scoop—the juicier the better. Each book introduces a traditional, albeit eccentric, British custom. Snail racing? Worm charming? Who knew!

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Murder at Honeychurch Hall

Murder at Honeychurch Hall

Set against the backdrop of Agatha Christie’s beloved Devon, TV celebrity Kat Stanford discovers that her newly widowed mother Iris has recklessly bought a dilapidated carriage house on a country estate known as Honeychurch Hall. Although times have changed at the manor house, a line still exists between those upstairs, and those down. Iris’s arrival is greeted with suspicion—but that’s not all. Iris harbors an even bigger secret that not even her daughter knows: Iris writes under the pseudonym, Krystalle Storm, and is a best-selling author of racy bodice-rippers.

Throw in a feisty, octogenarian countess, a precocious seven year old who is obsessed with the famous fighter pilot called Biggles, a treasure trove of antiques; as well as the paparazzi, always hungry for celebrity news. Add the occasional haunting from the resident family of ghosts, and there is more than one motive for murder. Yet at its core, the story explores the relationship between a mother and daughter facing new and uncertain beginnings and makes a good case for the notion that those nearest and dearest to us are often the most duplicitous of all.

Deadly Desire at Honeyhall Church

Deadly Desires at Honeychurch Hall 

When the body of a transport minister is discovered in the grounds on the Honeychurch Hall estate, suspicion as to his unusual demise naturally falls on the residents. After all, who could possibly want a high-speed train line and rolling stock depot built in their front yard?

News of the murder soon reaches our heroine Kat Stanfords nemesis Trudy Wynne. A ruthless tabloid journalist and the ex-wife of Kats discarded lover, Trudy is out for revenge.  She is also interested in exposing and humiliating Kats mother Iris, who is secretly the international bestselling romance writer Krystalle Storm.

As the body count begins to build, Kat becomes inextricably embroiled in the ensuing scandal. Is the ministers death the result of a local vendetta, or could it be connected to her mothers unusual past?

Killer Ball at Honeychurch Hall
Murderous Mayhem at Honeychurch Hall

A Killer Ball at Honeychurch Hall

When antique dealer Kat Stanford discovers the partially mummified body of a young woman in an abandoned wing at Honeychurch Hall, suspicion falls on those who had been living there half a century ago. In those days the Bushman Traveling Fair and Boxing Emporium camped on the estate grounds, so Kat is not surprised to learn that her mother Iris knew the victim.

Meanwhile, the unexpected appearance of retired sailor and local lothario Bryan Laney sets female hearts aflutter. Despite the passing years, time has not dampened his ardor for Iris but the feeling is not reciprocated. With stories of hidden treasure and secret chambers, misguided loyalties and spiteful deception, past and present collide. As Kat becomes embroiled once more in her mother’s tumultuous bygone days, she comes to realize that life is never black and white, and that sometimes, lies become necessary to protect the ones you love.

Murderous Mayhem at Honeychurch Hall

When the only typewritten copy of Iris Stanford’s new manuscript “Ravished” fails to arrive at her London publisher, her daughter Kat tracks the registered package back to the tiny village post office where it would seem it never left. Iris is justifiably paranoid that Muriel Jarvis, the postmistress and a notorious busybody, will expose her secret identity as international best-selling romance writer Krystalle Storm.

But Muriel has her own problems. The sudden death of Fred, her husband of forty-nine years, has not only left her heavily in debt but facing the possibility that Lord Rupert Honeychurch will evict her from the flat above the post office where her family has lived in for generations. Desperate for money, Muriel recklessly embarks on a disastrous course of action with fatal consequences.

Meanwhile, as preparations get underway for the annual re-enactment of the Royalist Honeychurches vs. the Carew Roundheads on the grounds of the Honeychurch Hall estate, Eric unearths the gruesome remains of a woman thought to have vanished during the English Civil War. Her discovery re-ignites old rivalries between the two great families of Devon and upsets Rupert’s wife, Lady Lavinia Carew and her dashingly handsome brother, Piers.

As always, Kat is the voice of reason, but as tales of bizarre thefts, blackmail, rampant infidelity murder abound, Kat’s loyalties are challenged on every front—even concerning matters of her own heart. In a spine-chilling climax, past and present collide as Kat is forced to fight for her life, and in the process, discovers that love really can conquer all.

Dangerous Deception at Honeychurch Hall

All's fair in love... and antiques wars!

Things are going well for Kat Stanford; not only is her antiques business thriving, she's also got a new date: Piers Carew, Viscount Chawley, who owns the estate next to Honeychurch Hall. 

Unfortunately, Kate has a rival. Impossibly beautiful Cassandra Bowden-Forbes is also in town, conducting valuations at the same fairs as Kat - and she makes no secret of the fact she's got her eye on Piers...

And then things start to go wrong: Kat finds herself at the scene of not one but two mysterious deaths, and local tongues are wagging - is it coincidence, or murder? As Kat's fortunes nosedive it becomes clear that unless she can solve these unexplained deaths then she may just be the victim of the next accident...



A Vicky Hill Exclusive!

Aspiring investigative journalist Vicky Hill faces two challenges. The first is to escape the stultifying boredom of funeral reporting for the Gipping Gazette by making a career-enhancing front-page splash. The second is to lose her virginity-a heavy burden for a woman of twenty-three.

Vicky’s chance for a scoop comes with the discovery of three grisly chicken corpses, which are bizarrely connected to the unusual death of elderly Sir Hugh, the local hedge-jumping enthusiast. As Vicky delves deeper into village affairs, she is thrilled to find the sleepy English market town harbors more than its fair share of secrets.

Yet Vicky has a secret of her own. As only daughter of The Fog – a notorious criminal, currently on the run in Spain – enlisting the help of the police is never an option. If that wasn’t enough, rival reporter, the voluptuous Annabel Lake, thinks nothing of using sexual wiles to gain vital information and thwarts Vicky’s efforts at every turn.

With hooded figures meeting at midnight, a stash of stolen silver and a rising body count, Vicky discovers she has opened Gipping’s Pandora’s box.

Casting safety aside and with only her pluck, wit and determination to fall back on, Vicky must decide just how far she is prepared to go to clinch the story of a lifetime.

Vicky Hill: Scoop!

Obit writer Vicky Hill suspects foul play when she learns of a suspicious death: a champion hedge cutter, electrocuted after accidentally slicing through a power cable. Yeah, right. To get the real story Vicky’s willing to suffer through bad dates and mortal danger.


Vicky Hill: Exposé!

It’s snail racing season in the small town of Gipping-on-Plym. And obituary writer Vicky Hill is racing, too – to solve a mysterious death.

When an early-morning call wakes Vicky from the arms of her dream man, reality had better be worth it – and it is. An anonymous tipster tells her about the secret funeral of local celebrity Scarlett Fleming – coordinated by her husband, Doug. The entire town is baffled by the sudden death and oddly discreet funeral. After all, Scarlett was never one to stay in her shell.

Vicky’s suspicions heighten when she learns of the Flemings’ shaky finances – and that Doug has almost as many admirers as Scarlett had enemies. While canvassing suspects and juggling three suitors, Vicky must stay one step ahead of a killer once she realizes she’s no longer writing an obituary – she’s writing an expose!

Vicky Hill: Thieves!

When a slew of silver thefts hit the small town of Gipping-on-Plym, it’s up to aspiring investigative journalist Vicky Hill to figure out if the culprits are gypsies, tramps, or thieves…

Unaware that their temporary dwelling is also serving as the official gathering site for the upcoming annual “Morris Dance-a-thon,” the gypsies set up their illegal campground at The Grange, much to the dismay of almost everyone in town. And when silver is stolen shortly after the gypsies arrive, blaming the despised nomads makes more than a little sense.

But when the body of an unnamed woman is found in a shallow stream, Vicky suspects there’s a connection between the murder and the recent silver thefts. And since both her boss and the local police refuse to investigate, Vicky takes on the case by herself. It’s a criminal conundrum suited only for the mind of Vicky Hill, and she’s determined to uncover the answers and clinch her fourth national exclusive!


Vicky Hill: Accused!

Murder is in the air when hedge-jumping champ Dave Randall accuses Jack Webster, Dave’s archenemy of attempting to sabotage his life-long dream of competing at the upcoming European Games. But Vicky is used to Dave’s histrionics and turns a blind eye to Dave’s cries for help. After all, she has bigger fish to fry—namely the mysterious death of worm charming diva, Ruth Reeves, whose sudden inheritance has made her very

unpopular with old friends and neighbors alike. But when Dave claims he’s framed for not just one death but two Vicky believes he just might be wrongly … Accused!


Back in the late seventies at the tender age of 19, Hannah realized that after six whole weeks at boot camp, life as one of the twelve female officers admitted annually into the Women’s Royal Naval Service was not for her after all. It was tough to get out—she had to pretend to be insane—but it was even tougher for her proud parents who were devastated. All the good luck gifts—including the three travel alarm clocks and countless biographies about Admiral Lord Nelson—were sent back to dozens of relatives along with groveling apologies. She was A Disappointment.

Having been told she was a good letter writer (thanks to those letters of apology), Hannah thought she would “have a go” at journalism. She called all the local newspapers and struck lucky with the Tiveton Gazette who was looking for a cub reporter. Within nine months Hannah was bored to tears. She primarily wrote the obituaries, attending each funeral to take down the names of the mourners at the church door (paying particular attention to spelling), and then attending the post-service receptions. Despite being given the odd amateur dramatic performance to review, (Uffculme Village Hall’s version of Jack in the Beanstalk was particularly spectacular), Hannah decided to disappoint her parents again. She craved adventure! There was never going to be a murder in Tiverton and besides, she had always wanted to travel which was why she’d jointed the Navy in the first place. And so began her ten-year stint as a flight attendant, beginning with British Caledonian, then British Airways and finally transitioning into flying all over the world on corporate jets for heads of state, African despots and Hollywood superstars.

After an inspiring conversation with Steven Spielberg during a flight to the Middle East, (if you buy her a large glass of wine she’ll give you the details), Hannah decided to take his advice. Once in Hollywood, she worked as a story analyst for several motion picture studios, while producing a hefty stack of her own (sadly unproduced … but many times “almost” produced) screenplays. After enrolling in the UCLA Writers’ Program, Hannah decided to focus exclusively on writing fiction. Currently, she writes three series—The Vicky Hill Mysteries (Little, Brown), based on her spell as an obituary reporter, The Honeychurch Hall Mysteries (Minotaur), described as Midsomer Murders meets Gosford Park, and her new series—the as yet untitled Isles of Scilly Mysteries chronicling the adventures of two sisters who inherit a rundown Art Deco hotel on an islet off the Cornish coast.

After twenty-five years of living in California and Oregon Hannah returned to the UK. All her series are set in the West Country of England where she now lives with her two adorable - but crazy - Hungarian Vizslas.

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