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Tidings of Death at Honeychurch Hall

The Sixth Book in the Series Available in the UK November 14, 2019

*USA release date 2020


It's ten days before Christmas at Honeychurch Hall and Kat Stanford has persuaded the Earl of Grenville to open the Museum Room to the villagers in an effort to raise money for rooftop repairs. For the price of a ticket visitors will be able to view an unusual display of antiques - including the legendary Bleeding Hawk of Honeychurch Hall.

When an obnoxious young couple drive 200 miles from London to view the treasures it's not just Kate who is suspicious of their intentions; Mr Chips, the estate's feisty Jack Russell makes his feelings plain by taking a bite out of the man's trousers.

But then a suit of armour inexplicably falls on the ancient butler, killing him, and when a second body is found near a quarry nearby Kat becomes entangled in a world of feuds and jealousies, finally encountering a cold-blooded killer who will stop at nothing to keep the past at bay.




Honeychurch Gin Made By Iris 

In Tidings of Death we learn about Kat's mother's gin making hobby. As well as writing racy bodice rippers, Iris enjoys a daily tipple (rather like my own mother). My sister and I set off for Devon Gin School in Dartington and spent a hilarious afternoon concocting the very first bottle of Honeychurch Gin. We are looking forward to sampling this on Christmas Day. If it's anything like our homemade sloe gin, lunch is going to be very late.

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