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Trapped! (Book 6)

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Please note: This is a "novelette" and available as an e-book only (at the moment!)


Christmas is around the corner and aspiring investigative reporter, Vicky Hill, is in good spirits. Her new lodgings with the pungent garbologist, Ronnie Binns and his new wife Olive, has worked out better than she could ever have imagined. Work is going well too. Vicky's regular weekly column, "On the Cemetery Circuit with Vicky" is proving to be a success given her belief that "every dead senior has a secret." The only fly in the ointment is Vicky's rash announcement that she has the perfect front-page scoop for this Saturday's Christmas edition of the Gipping Gazette, but somehow, she'll pull the proverbial rabbit out of the hat. Doesn't she always?

Meanwhile, Vicky's nemesis Annabel Lake has long suspected that Vicky is the daughter of the notorious silver thief nicknamed The Fog who is currently on the run. Surely that scoop would trump a senior secret any day. But when a mysterious stranger turns up asking questions about a recent death in the small community, the two rivals find they must bury the hatchet if they want to stay alive.