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Danger at the Cove 

An Island Sisters Mystery (book 2)

 Coming this August in the USA

"Adventure blooms ... [a] novel setting pushes this cozy to offer unexpected pleasures"

-- Kirkus Reviews

"...sprightly, sure to please Cozy fans" -- Publishers Weekly

Greetings - 

I'm alive!

Along with the easing of lockdown and sunny days, life definitely feels a little brighter. 

I have just turned in the third book that I have written during lockdown—the eighth Honeychurch mystery which will be published this November. I am now enjoying that short-lived euphoric post-exam feeling until I start writing the next book ... which I will do on August 1st. In the meantime I'm feverishly writing blogs and setting up author virtual events to promote the second adventure in the Island Sisters mysteries, Danger at the Cove which will be published in August. I miss traveling overseas but hopefully next year will be back to normal—a new normal, that is. 


On Wednesday June 30th I'm going to be in conversation with the fabulous Ellie Alexander at Fountain Bookstore at 6:00 PM EST (I have to stay up late because of the time difference) and on Wednesday August 11th, I'll be joining my favorite authors for a virtual panel at The Poisoned Pen in Scottsdale, AZ. More details to follow along with other events that are being firmed up.


Click here to read an excerpt and, if you're tempted, please pre-buy! 

In this installment, Tregarrick Rock is preparing for the official grand opening although, thanks to a series of complications, the hotel is far from ready. To add to the sisters' stress, Louise, one of Margot's old Hollywood friends decides to "pop in" (who just pops in to a remote island twenty-eight miles off the British mainland?) As Margot points out, Louise is a successful publicist and is sure to show them how to get the new hotel on the global map. Evie has serious misgivings but upon learning that Louise has been recently widowed, caves in to Margot's pleas. After all, Evie knows what it feels like to lose the love of her life.  But when Louise invites her new boyfriend, a dashing and mysterious Australian financier, the peace of the island is quickly shattered. A member of staff is found dead and then another murder quickly follows. With tales of shipwrecks and old rivalries stretching back to far before Evie and Margot ever set foot on the island, the sisters find it's not just the hotel that's at stake, but their own lives too. 


Until next time - Stay safe, be well - 



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Updated: June 26 2021