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Murder in Miniature at Honeychurch Hall

A Honeychurch Hall Mystery (book 8)

UK print publishing date November 4, 2021 

Available in e-format everywhere else (except UK!!) 

USA print publishing date is March 1, 2022 

Greetings - 

November is here. Cold, frosty mornings and—as I write this—a beautiful blue sky. Long may it last ... although it's unlikely. England has been practically underwater for the last few weeks and, living in the country, the word MUD is all I ever seem to say. 

Happily though, Murder in Miniature at Honeychurch Hall is out ... at least in the UK. I apologise for the confusion. I am trying synchronise the publishing dates so fingers crossed for the future.


Here is a little info about the latest Honeychurch adventure: 

When a body found on the Honeychurch Hall estate proves to be that of a villager who had supposedly moved to Ireland years earlier, tongues start wagging and theories abound. Charlie Green had always been a rogue.

Although Charlie's demise happened well before Kat's arrival, Kat is drawn into the mystery when she finds two rare miniature portraits hidden inside a custom-made dollhouse of Honeychurch Hall.

When Charlie's aunt suffers a mysterious and fatal fall, suspicion lands on a stranger who is holidaying in the newly installed shepherd's hut in the walled garden-one of Lady Lavinia's latest hare-brained moneymaking schemes. Although there is something off about the tourist, Kat believes the culprit is fellow antique dealer, the odious widower Sir Monty Stubbs-Thomas who is ardently pursuing her mother.

With tales of blackmail, infidelity and greed gripping the small community, past and present collide and Kat realises that the miniatures harbour a vital secret that one particular person is willing to kill for.



And finally, there will be a Vicky Hill short story available next month in time for Christmas. For those who know the obit reporter from my first series, she needs no introduction. For newcomers -- more news towards the end of November (when I've actually finished writing it!) 


Until then - stay safe and be well,


Quick Note: I update my website myself so all errors are mine. Thanks for stopping by! 

Updated: November 4 2021