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Dangerous Deception at Honeychurch Hall

The Fifth Book in the Series Available Now 

*And of course available in a library

near you!*

In this fifth Honeychurch Hall mystery, antique dealer, Kat Stanford is dating Lady Lavinia Honeychurch's eccentric brother Piers Carew who runs a neighbouring country estate in rural Devon.


Unfortunately, Kat has a rival professionally and romantically—Piers's ex-girlfriend, the impossibly beautiful, Cassandra Bowden-Forbes who is in town conducting valuations at the same antique fair as our heroine. Cassandra is also spearheading an anti-fly tipping campaign for Piers's father Aubrey—a staunch environmental activist and hard-line local magistrate.


When a decorated war veteran publicly accuses Kat of "granny farming," i.e. deliberately under-valuing a trio of rare mascot bears that Kat knows to be copies, Kat becomes suspicious. In addition, several dustbin liners of embarrassing personal items appearing to belong to her, are discovered ensuring an almost certain fine. Kat is convinced that Cassandra is involved. 


Things go from bad to worse when witnesses place Kat at the scene of two deadly—but seemingly unconnected—accidents.  The first being Aubrey's fatal fall from his horse, and, the second, discovering the war veteran's body at his home.


However, Cassandra has cast-iron alibis and besides Piers is adamant that she is innocent. Suspicion shifts to the new housekeeper who has secrets of her own as well as a mysterious stranger who has been seen stalking the grounds.


In a chilling climax that finds Kat and her mother Iris facing almost certain death, Kat makes the terrifying discovery that Cassandra will do anything—including murder—to become Piers's wife.




These charming antique Pocket Bears are featured in Dangerous Deception (Fifth in the Series of The Honeychurch Mysteries)